The Magistrato delle Contrade warmly thanks the Poliziano Photoclub association and the photographers for allowing us to use some photos you see on the site.

Without them, we would never have completed the digital showcase of the Bravio delle Botti.

The photos from the Poliziano Photoclub archive are by

Giacomo Bai – Marta Brocchi – Gianni Gelvi – Carlo Pellegrini – Samuele Romagnoli – Giulia Valdambrini

The photos of freelance photographers are by

Martina Becherini – Marta Brocchi – Sara Cencetti – Gianluca De Micco – Federico Fracassi – Gianni Gelvi – Filippo Nisi – Carlo Onofri – Carlo Pellegrini – Elisa Valdambrini