The engine of 2017 edition of Bravìo delle Botti has been in motion for many months now and in these days, which anticipate the most intense months of the year in Montepulciano, news and organizational aspects are finally revealing themselves. The renewed administration board of the Magistrato delle Contrade has been working since early February and the purchase of new historical dresses is now among the most rumored news:

“The costume designer Grottini, after the magnificent job she did last year, is now manufacturing eight new dresses. – says Giulio Pavolucci, head of the board – The costumes, one for each Contrada and realized thanks to their precious contributions, are the results of a meticulous historical research. Thanks to the savings of the previous administration board, we were able to finally renew some of the parade costumes, in the hope of renewing those of the “candle bearers” within next year as well.

The course to learn how to play a “chiarina”, carried out with the Montepulciano Music Institute and funded by the cooperation of Magistrato delle Contrade and Cantiere Foundation, also continues. Thanks to the commitment of Bruno Bocci – music teacher – the number of participants to the course grew to the point that the purchase of two new “chiarine” was necessary. More and more people started to play this beautiful instrument, a peculiar type of trumpet which is used for historical events such as the Bravìo delle Botti.

“Some other exciting news is represented by the Bravìo delle Donne, organized by the Contrada of San Donato. This excellent idea came from the district rector and we decided to fully support it, knowing that it will further enrich and animate our stunning Piazza Grande next Saturday, July 1st. Thanks to this feminine version of the Bravìo race, the group of collateral events keeps expanding, together with the mini-Bravìo and the Piccoli Sbandieratori e Tamburini (Little Flag Wavers and Drummers), already fully rooted and appreciated by the Bravìo world.”


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