TBurst of applause for the cloth of this edition of the “Bravìo”, painted by Cesare Olmastroni, inspired by the 100th anniversary of Italy’s entry into World War I. The painting was presented at the Poliziano Theater on Sunday, August 23 in the presence of the mayor Andrea Rossi, the city councilor delegated to the “Bravìo” Stefano Bazzoni and the Head of the “Magistrato delle Contrade” Giulio Pavolucci.

Cesare Olmastroni, grumpy joke teller – as has been defined by many journalists – represents an authority in terms of painted cloths: he was the author of two rags for the “Palio di Siena” and had numerous partnerships with well-known artists and painters. “Painting a war or a tragedy is always a difficult experience, but I said to myself: yet, even a tragedy must have something beautiful to tell. This is how I painted a sentinel turned towards the sky with the tragedy of the war behind his back, wishing for a better future”. The municipal administration and the “Magistrato delle Contrade” expressed great satisfaction with the cloth, which fully reflects the spirit of this anniversary. The public expressed contentment as well, reacting to the unveiling of the cloth with a warm round of applause.

The mayor Andrea Rossi congratulated the “Magistrato delle Contrade” for the commitment that all its members are showing: “The esteem and trust that the Municipal Administration has for the work of the Magistrato never failed, thanks to the incredibly correct attitude in managing the resources available with extreme transparency. The Municipality continues to consider the “Bravìo” as a priority, renewing its commitment both economically and through the employment of its own staff. My compliments go to the Rectors and everyone involved in the organization of these events.” In addition, the mayor Rossi wanted to specify that Bravìo does not only belong to the locals: in fact, it’s a great attraction for the whole territory, as evidenced by the countless presences that Montepulciano is recording during the week of events.

“It’s been a hard year but it also trained us under many points of view – says the Head of the “Magistrato” Giulio Pavolucci – The path we’ve taken during this year is aimed to remind all the districts what Don Marcello had in mind when he invented the “Bravìo: socialization and cooperative spirit, the two engines that make every district – and consequently the “Bravìo” – move and live. In addition, I would like to thank all those who work behind the scenes, because they are the real pillars of the event”.

During the ceremony, as every year, the “Grifo Poliziano” – a prize granted every year to a personality or product that stood up for their commitment in the enhancement of Montepulciano in an international background – was awarded as well. This year, the award was presented to Hans Werner Henze, inventor of the “Cantiere Internazionale D’Arte” who passed away two years ago. The award will be withdrawn by the President of the Henze Foundation, Michael Kerstan, on the day of the “Arca d’argento”.

For the third consecutive year, the district of Talosa was awarded the first prize of the thirteenth edition of the food and wine competition “A Tavola con il Nobile” – namely “At the table with the Nobile wine” – organized by the “Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano”. The yellow-red district triumphed with the dish “Tagliatini Giallo Rossi with vegetables and reinforcement”, served with the prestigious Montepulciano DOCG wine. This year’s godmother of the event was the famous food blogger Sonia Peronaci, owner of “Giallo Zafferano” renowned food blog.

The afternoon continued in Piazza Grande with the exhibition of the Cloth and the spectacular performance of Montepulciano’s flag-wavers and drummers. On Sunday, the night trials of the barrels’ pushers began as well. The night rehearsals will take place throughout the week along the historical center of Montepulciano, accompanied by the typical dinners in the districts.


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