Located on the side of the hill facing Montefollonico and Pienza, Collazzi occupies one of the most picturesque areas of Montepulciano.


Unlike other districts, it cannot claim memorable characters, nor does it have majestic buildings. Nevertheless, Collazzi bears the marks of history and represents a fundamental part in the culture and society of our town. Just about a hundred people live in this area, sharing a quiet and yet fulfilling town life, with many more supporters coming from outside the historical walls.

The district won his first Bravìo in 2021, after a year of stoppage due to Covid. Since 2017, the all-female competition “Le Dame della Botte” has been held; in the upper part of Montepulciano the pushers compete to finish first in Piazza Grande. In this variant of the historic race, the Contrada di Collazzi holds the record with two victories: 2017 and 2018.