Programma di sala – Corteo dei Ceri

Il Bravìo delle Botti

The “Bravìo” is held on every last Sunday of August. Starting from 10 am in “Piazza Grande”, a series of impressive traditional ceremonies are hosted: the starting order of the barrels during the race is extracted by lot, followed by the typical “branding” of their wood; the districts unwind their flags, unavoidably accompanied by the solemn rhythm of drums; the Mayor delivers the cloth to the head of the “Magistrato of the Contrade”, an official handover that precedes the offer of votive candles to St. John in the Cathedral. In the afternoon, at 3 pm, the parade begins with its fascinating historical procession.

Finally, at 7 pm, after the signal given by the ringing of the City Hall bells, the barrels start rolling from the “Colonna del Marzocco”. After a few minutes the “Bravìo” is over; only one district can now celebrate the victory taking home the longed cloth. The other districts are already thinking about their future victories, without resentment or hostility of any kind, showing respect for the winner; a story that has been going on for over six hundred years.

Il Corteo dei ceri

Thursday, August 25th the “Week of Events” of the Bravìo delle Botti continues with the traditional “Corteo dei Ceri”.

Starting at 9:45 p.m. each candle-bearer, accompanied by the respective magistrate, will bring his own candle to the “Gonfaloniere” who will check its quality and weight. The eight candles will then be offered to the “Pieve di Santa Maria” and deposited inside the Cathedral.  

Afterwards, the Gruppo Sbandieratori e Tamburini will open the festivities with an original show of flags and drums.

The event will end with the traditional fireworks.


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