Programma di sala – Proclama del Gonfaloniere

Il Proclama del Gonfaloniere

Saturday 20th August: the “Week of Events” of the Bravìo delle Botti officially opens with the traditional “Proclama del Gonfaloniere”, marking the start of the challenge between Montepulciano’s eight districts.

Starting at 9:00 pm, the participants of each district will parade along the old town streets, starting at the “Colonna del Marzocco”, to then reach the main square: Piazza Grande. At 10 pm, the ceremony will continue with the reading of the “Proclama del Gonfaloniere”.

Afterwards, celebrations will continue with the flags and drums’ show by the “Gruppo Sbandieratori e Tamburini di Montepulciano” and the show “Kaccia alle Streghe” by Compagnia Kronos Teatro Acrobatico.

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