The Magistrato delle Contrade is pleased to present the new official game for lovers of the Bravìo and, above all, of barrels: Bravìo Run is born.

Bravìo Run is a game that comes to light in the most difficult year that the Bravìo has ever faced, the year in which the pushers had to hang up their gloves and will not run. But we know that the Sunday race is the most intense and beloved moment of the week, the moment when the long and anxious wait leaves room for performance, the desire to win, competition and fun.

To recreate these small emotions, albeit in a reduced and virtual format, the Magistrato delle Contrade has decided to try his hand at creating a mobile game from scratch. In Bravìo Run we try to recreate the race with the barrels, adapting it to the small screens of the mobile phone and to a concept of running, obviously virtual and stylized. The challenge is to make your barrel proceed along a road (uphill) where those who play will encounter obstacles, including water holes and black holes, which they will have to skillfully avoid. To help the pusher instead, some appetizing portions of “pici” will be presented along the way: pure energy in the shape of handmade pasta, the most iconic and appreciated Tuscan dish of the Bravìo week. The player must try to take the pici, in order to increase his score.

All the illustrations, with the colors of our districts and the symbols of our Bravìo, were created thanks to the precious support of Michele Bettollini.


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