The Trabalzini Prize is the award given to Montepulciano’s best drummers and flag-wavers during the Bravìo. Every last Sunday of August, each district has two drummers and the two flag-wavers performing in articulate choreographies, and the two best of each category are named winners by an experienced jury. The criteria for deciding the winners vary: they range from the precision of flag throwing to the synchrony of drum rolls, and every mistake equals to a penalty.

The research to trace back the various winners was anything but easy, and it was entirely based on:

  • The “Bravìo” documentation deposited by Diego Mancuso at the Municipal Library;

  • The book “Il Bravìo delle Botti di Montepulciano”, edited by the Società Storica Poliziana, published by Salvietti&Barabuffi Editori in 2014;

  • Direct testimony based on the citizens’ memories.

Unfortunately, some conflicting sources led us to consider this archive as a work in progress. Certainly, in the beginning there was a single prize given to the “best group of flag-wavers and drummers”. In fact, according to the archive, the prize was a single one until 2003, but we can’t be certain that there were two prizes in 2004 and 2005. On the other hand, 2006, when Voltaia’s flag-wavers and Poggiolo’s drummers appear to have won, is the first year in which the prize was surely divided.

Prize divided into Flag-wavers and drummers:

2023 – POGGIOLO (Giovanni Guarino, Samuele Tonini) – TALOSA (Alice Toppi, Giada Santini)

2022 – POGGIOLO (Giovanni Guarino, Jacopo Parissi) – CAGNANO (Filippo Morgantini, Tommaso Trabalzini)

2021 – TALOSA (Simone Mosca, Francesco Perugini) – SAN DONATO (Mirko Caselli, Giacomo Zerillo)

2020 – POGGIOLO (Jacopo Parissi, Giovanni Guarino) – LE COSTE (Roberto Grigiotti, Tommaso Grigiotti)

2019 – POGGIOLO (Jacopo Parissi, Giovanni Guarino) – COLLAZZI (Matteo Maroni, Francesco Billi)

2018 – TALOSA (Simone Mosca, Francesco Perugini) – TALOSA (Adele Giannettoni, Cristina Mosca)

2017 – TALOSA (Simone Mosca, Francesco Perugini) – TALOSA (Adele Giannettoni, Cristina Mosca)

2016 – VOLTAIA (Giacomo Severini e Niccolò Tiberini) – TALOSA (Adele Giannettoni, Cristina Mosca)

2015 – LE COSTE (Gioele Beligni e Andrea Uscidda) – TALOSA (Adele Giannettoni, Cristina Mosca)

2014 – COLLAZZI (Aron Accetturo; Mattia Canapini) – TALOSA (Adele Giannettoni, Cristina Mosca)

2013 – CAGNANO (Edoardo Boni e Paolo Betti) – CAGNANO (Andrea Terzuoli e Matteo Maroni)

2012 – TALOSA (Gabriele e Marco Torelli) – CAGNANO (Matteo Maroni e Andrea Terzuoli)

2011 – VOLTAIA (Saverio Allegrini e Guglielmo Rapini) – LE COSTE (Mattia Cappelli e Gabriele Stefanucci)

2010 – TALOSA (Gabriele e Marco Torelli) – CAGNANO (Andrea Terzuoli e Matteo Maroni)

2009 – TALOSA (Gabriele e Marco Torelli) – LE COSTE (Borgna Alessandro, Casini Nicola)




2005 – VOLTAIA

2004 – CAGNANOVOLTAIA (dal libro del Bravìo: CAGNANOGRACCIANO)

Single prize for the group:

2003 – VOLTAIA


2001 – LE COSTE

2000 – VOLTAIA


1998 – LE COSTE

1997 – LE COSTE

1996 – CAGNANO