“Non corro solo” – namely “I don’t run alone”-  the second edition of the running race dedicated to Lorenzo Martire, will be held in Montepulciano on Wednesday, August 2nd. The race will start at 19:15 from the Colonna del Marzocco and registration will be open from 18:15 at the Poggiofanti park.

“Loneliness, depression and bad thoughts: let’s talk about it”: this will be the object of an open conference, attended by Dr. Lucia Chiocchi and Dr. Roby Parissi, that will open the event at 17:30 in Moulins Square.

The race will take place over a route of about 4 km along the historical streets of Montepulciano, recalling the Bravìo’s path for the first lap, then moving to Via del Teatro, Porta Farina, Borgo Buio and Via di Gracciano nel Corso for the second round. The finish line will be Piazza Grande, where athletes will find a lovely “pasta party” waiting for them inside the City Hall.

The registration fee for the race is 5,00€ and there will be no prize: the entire proceeds will be donated to charity. For those who don’t feel like competing, it will also be possible to only walk along the first lap route.

The event is in memory of Lorenzo Martire, known as “Torello”, who won the Bravìo delle Botti for eight editions in a row, from 2002 to 2009: five years for Le Coste – running with Giovanni Zorn known as “Cacio” – and three years for Talosa, one of which with Ciro Franch (2008).

He was born in Florence on 18th March 1971 and sadly passed away on 6th August 2017. The same year, the Magistrato delle Contrade assigned the prize “Bravio nel Cuore” to his memory.

He started running in 2000, for Le Coste, getting a fourth place with “Treves”. He then got a second place in 2001, competing with Zorn, a race that marked the beginning of an unforgettable series of victories.

The event was organized by Lorenzo Martire’s friends with the support of Chianciano Terme’s UISP. The Magistrato delle Contrade and the city administration promptly decided to take part in the organization – fully supported by the entire world of the eight Contrade of the town – to remember one of the historical athletes of the Bravìo.

The goal of the organizers is that of remembering their friend, using this event to sensitize the community to psychological disorders and depression which can lead to extreme gestures such as suicide. In a time where individualism is becoming prevalent, Lorenzo’s friends wish to establish a community-based net to help people affected by mental disorders, reminding them that they are, indeed, not alone.

Info and registration: Stefano Grigiotti (3475819105) e Francesco Caporali (3274455334).